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About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of pet stretch blow moulding machines in India. We have achieved the benchmarks when it comes to quality of the machine and after sales service. As a result, we have sold more than 350 machines in India and abroad. Our commitment to quality and prompt service has enabled us to retain the customers and receive repeated orders from them.

In order to meet the growing demands of the market, we have gone for expansion of our plant in a short span of 5 years. We have a full-fledged dedicated team of R & D Engineers working hard to upgrade and provide new technologies to our customers in the packaging market. SBRS MACHINES PVT. LTD. incorporate a series of innovative technical solutions which guarantees best performance and reliability.

Started as a small unit in 2009, presently we have a full-fledged assembly plant with a team of specialized professionals for Marketing, Design, Production and administration backed by a powerful team of Service Engineers.

Our customer includes from various segments like Mineral Water, Soft Drink, Cosmetics, Liquor and Pharmaceutical Bottling & other full range of pet bottle making and Jars.

SBRS Machines Pvt. Ltd. has scored an edge because of its quality, reliability, manpower and goodwill in the market and further we are committed to work with same dedication and integrity for the benefit of our customers.

We are the driving force in pet packaging, providing optimal solutions in PET. We constantly challenge & Improve the limits of technology and services in order to continuous satisfaction of the people, clients, external collaborators and our surroundings (the company and the environment), allows us to obtain benefits which make growth possible and based on this the creation of new jobs in a cooperative framework of communication, freedom and responsibility.

Our Smart Approach

Customer satisfaction builds our client base across India.